Baltimore Ravens Starting Lineup Figures

The Baltimore Ravens are a professional American football team based in Baltimore, Maryland. They are a member of the North Division of the American Football Conference (AFC) in the National Football League (NFL). The team was established in 1996 when Art Modell, the owner of the Cleveland Browns, decided to relocate the franchise to Baltimore.

The name “Ravens” was chosen to honor the famous poem “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe, who lived in Baltimore for a significant portion of his life.

Since their inception, the Ravens have experienced considerable success, both on the field and in terms of developing a passionate fan base. One of the defining characteristics of the team has been its strong defense. Throughout their history, the Ravens have been known for having some of the best defensive units in the league, earning the nickname “the Baltimore Ravens Defense.”

In 2000, just four years after their establishment, the Ravens achieved a significant milestone by winning Super Bowl XXXV. Led by linebacker Ray Lewis, who is considered one of the greatest defensive players of all time, and a dominant defense, the Ravens defeated the New York Giants to claim their first Super Bowl title.

Over the years, the Ravens have continued to be a competitive force in the NFL. They have made multiple playoff appearances and have had success in their division, often competing with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the top spot.

The team plays its home games at M&T Bank Stadium, located near the Inner Harbor in downtown Baltimore. The Ravens’ fan base is known for its dedication and support, and the team has become an integral part of the city’s sports culture. The franchise has consistently maintained a strong following and remains one of the most respected teams in the NFL.

Jim Harbaugh


Jim Harbaugh Baltimore Ravens / University of Michigan Starting Lineup Figure

2 Pack features figures of each player in their NFL jersey and their college jersey

– Released 1998

Jonathan Ogden


Jonathan Ogden Baltimore Ravens Starting Lineup Figure

– Released 1998

Jim Harbaugh


Jim Harbaugh Baltimore Ravens Starting Lineup Figure

– Released 1998

– Extended Edition

Eric Turner


Eric Turner Baltimore Ravens Starting Lineup Figure

– Released 1997