Kenner Starting Lineup Sports Action Figures

Starting Lineup (SLU) figures stood about 4 inches tall and included a collectible card with each figure. They were first procued in 1988 by Kenner and later by Hasbro. Pat McInally, a former NFL player for the Bengals, came up with the idea for creating the figures. Figures of almost all professional sports were made - including Baseball, Football, Hockey and Basketball and to a lesser extent, Boxing, Racing and Olympic figures among others.

SLU figures were exteremely popular with sports collectors in the 1990's. Many figures are still valuable to this day, especially the figures from the late 1980's, with the extremely rare pieces fetching a few thousand dollars. The last Starting Lineup release was the 2001 baseball series.

  • NFL Football SLU Figures

    NFL Football

    Starting lineup football figures are still popular within the collecting community!

  • MLB Baseball SLU Figures

    MLB Baseball

    Spanning across 3 decades - earlier slu baseball figures still fetch a premium price!

  • NHL Hockey SLU Figures

    NHL Hockey

    SLU hit the rink from 1993-2000 but their unique style still has a special place with hockey fans!

  • NBA Basketball SLU Figures

    NBA Basketball

    The SLU hoops line was the most varied at times - including a rare Asian series in 1996!

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Starting Lineup Spotlight

Starting Lineup Figures were so cool, even future movie stars loved them as kids!