Starting Lineup NBA Basketball Figures

Starting Lineup Basketball Figures

Starting Lineup basketball figures kicked off in 1988 and although they had a few bumps in the road, it’s a series that collector’s tend to look back upon fondly. As with all sports, SLU basketball has it’s fair share of superstar figures, but one of the great thing about starting lineup basketball figures was the quantity they were able to produce. It was a huge advantage that they were able to make multiple figures from every team on a consistent basis – no one did it before, and it hasn’t been done since.

With SLU basketball figures, this allowed them to take advantage of a sport that has a smaller starting lineup – fans of every team were able to find a starting lineup basketball figure on a nearly every year. In addition to the superstar figures, slu basketball figures also had their fair share of unique figures – such as the Dennis Rodman hair variations and the 1996 Far East basketball series.

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