Baltimore Colts Starting Lineup Figures

The Baltimore Colts were a professional football team based in Baltimore, Maryland. They were a member of the National Football League (NFL) and played in the league from 1953 to 1983. The Colts’ history is intertwined with significant moments and legendary players, making them a storied franchise in NFL history.

The team was originally founded in 1953 as the Dallas Texans. However, financial difficulties led the owner, Carroll Rosenbloom, to move the team to Baltimore in 1954, where they became the Baltimore Colts.

One of the most iconic eras in the Colts’ history came in the late 1950s and 1960s when they were led by legendary quarterback Johnny Unitas. Unitas, known for his exceptional passing skills and leadership on the field, became one of the most influential players in NFL history. Under Unitas’ guidance, the Colts won NFL Championships in 1958 and 1959 and then claimed victory in Super Bowl V in 1971.

The Colts’ Super Bowl V win is especially remembered for the thrilling matchup against the Dallas Cowboys, culminating in a game-winning field goal by kicker Jim O’Brien. The game is often referred to as the “Blunder Bowl” due to the numerous turnovers and mistakes by both teams.

Despite their success, the Colts also had a controversial moment in their history. In 1984, the team’s owner, Robert Irsay, moved the franchise to Indianapolis, Indiana, in the middle of the night. The move left Baltimore without an NFL team until the city was awarded an expansion franchise, the Baltimore Ravens, in 1996.

The legacy of the Baltimore Colts lives on through their historic achievements and the memories they created for football fans. The Colts’ rich history and impact on the NFL continue to be cherished by fans in Baltimore and beyond.

Johnny Unitas


Johnny Unitas Baltimore Colts Starting Lineup Figure

– Released 1999

– Hasbro Online Exclusive

Joe Namath & Johnny Unitas

Joe Namath New York Jets and Johnny Unitas Baltimore Colts Starting Lineup Figure

– Released 1998

– Sams Club Exclusive

Johnny Unitas

Johnny Unitas Baltimore Colts Starting Lineup Figure

– Released 1989

There are 2 versions of this figure:
– High Tops
– Low Tops