Remaining 2017 SGA Starting Lineup Baseball Figures

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When I first started putting this site together a few years ago… I thought it would be a fun little side project where I could teach my kids some things with website development while showing them something I loved as a kid as well. I didn’t expect Starting Lineup Figures to become a thing again.

I never thought my son would get excited when he saw a SLU figure was planned for his favorite team – Jamies Winston – yep, a Tampa Bay fan living in Green Bay… the joys of being 8… it reminded me of when I was excited to go hunt for the likes of Derek Jeter or Marty Cordova SLU rookies in the mid 90’s.

Sentimentalism aside, it’s been a busy year for baseball Starting Lineup figures – with a whole bunch of stadium giveaway’s that took place this season. With that said, here is a full list of the Starting Lineup baseball figures that have been, or will be, released in 2017.

04/22/2017 | Chris Archer | Tampa Bay Rays
05/20/2017 | David Wright | New York Mets
06/03/2017 | Manny Machado | Baltimore O’s
06/18/2017 | Marcus Semien | Oakland A’s
07/07/2017 | Edgardo Alfonzo | Brooklyn Cyclones
08/15/2017 | Kris Bryant | Chicago Cubs
08/19/2017 | Adrian Beltre | Texas Rangers
08/29/2017 | Bryce Harper | Washington Nationals
09/08/2017 | Tim Raines | Chicago White Sox